Tubecutting & Extraction Kattex
  • The Kattex is both simple to use and innovative.
  • Innovative patented tool for instantaneous internal cutting of tubes, particularly useful for fixed plate-type exchangers.
  • Use of the Kattex ensures a clean result and in very little time for the purpose of dismantling or partially retubing a tube bundle during maintenance. The concept is to incise into the tube behind the tube sheet before using the stub puller, (Grippul equipment),to remove the tube stubs.

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Tubecutting & Extraction Grippul
  • Quick attaching gripper tube pullers
  • Grippul series quick attaching gripper tube pullers, incorporating know-how from Maus Italia’s more than thirty years experience in tube extraction with the TP/30 and TP/60 automatic pullers, have now reached their second generation with the Grippul 11 and Grippul 21.
  • The Grippul is designed and built for rapid extraction of tube stubs from tube sheets.
  • The Grippul, available in electric or pneumatic versions, has integral remote control and is now available in the second generation Grippul 11 and Grippul 21 models, which differ in extraction force.

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One Revolution F790

Tubecutting & Extraction One Revolution F790
  • One revolution tube cutter
  • Cheaper tube cutter, adjustable reach from 50.8 mm to 152.4 mm (2” to 6”)
  • The F/790 was designed for hand use with a tap wrench and its functioning is based on the eccentricity of the blade.

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Push Cutter F794

Tubecutting & Extraction Push Cutter F794
  • Tube cutter for medium tube-sheets. Comes in 6” or 12”.
  • This tube cutter is designed for the use in maintenance of heat exchanger and boilers.
  • For tubes: from 1/2” to 1.1/2” (from 12.7 to 38.1 mm) and reach RE from 2” to 6” (from 50.8 to 152.4 mm).
  • On request, tube cutter F/794 for bigger diameters are available.

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Tubecutting & Extraction Onlypul
  • Semiautomatic continuous hydraulic tube pullers
  • Hydraulic tube puller for sizes from 9.5 mm (3/8”) to 101.6 mm (4”) for semiautomatic continuous extraction.
  • Suggested for small scale maintenance work.


Tubecutting & Extraction Runpul
  • Automatic continuous hydraulic tube pullers
  • Hydraulic tube puller for sizes from 9.5 mm (3/8”) to 101.6 (4”).
  • With double jaws for automatic continuous tube pulling at high speed.
  • Suggested for large scale maintenance work on condensers and exchangers.

BundleCut 3000

Tubecutting & Extraction BundleCut 3000
  • For dismantling and refurbishing heat exchanger tube sheets.
  • The quality of the mechanical band cutting in replacement of the oxygen cutting eliminates pollution from combustion gas and protects the holes of the tube sheet against scratching during extraction of the stubs.

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Tube End Facer F/751R

Tubecutting & Extraction Tube End Facer F/751R
  • Rotating bell tube end facing milling cutter
  • HSS Cutting edges for facing tube ends at tube sheet
  • Selection is made by outer diameter and thickness of the BWG tube
  • The rotating bell protects the tube sheet surface during the process. 3/8 to 2” O.D